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July 26, 2014, 05:09:18 am *
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 on: July 12, 2014, 02:53:58 am 
Started by MellowYellow - Last post by MellowYellow
Pics or it didn't happen... Hrrrrrmm.... I don't have any of that night specifically... but...

Well here is one of us at the Beach

And here is one of her after a ride at Wild Waves got her soaked and she happened to be wearing a white T-Shirt.

And then there is this one of her eating cherries that I thought I did a pretty good job of taking...

Sorry they are so big... I didn't feel like screen capturing and re sizing everything.

 on: July 01, 2014, 09:39:19 am 
Started by MellowYellow - Last post by lowlim2
I'm depressed I missed this post when you made it Mellow.  That was a great and fun trip report!  Also, pics or it didn't happen.

 on: June 23, 2014, 12:33:11 am 
Started by MellowYellow - Last post by Coughy_boy
I think people who are successful at live are good at mixing friendship and poker.  A demoralizing losing streak can be better managed if you enjoy the other interactions with the people at the table.

I think this may be a big part of the reason that Hellmuth Jr. gets so much grief, because there's something in his personality that doesn't accept or absorb that facet, that the friendships and the comraderie are necessary for the game.

In other words, people don't mind losing if they're losing to their friends.

 on: June 23, 2014, 12:20:47 am 
Started by possible793 - Last post by Coughy_boy
I was going for check/raise on turn. Didnt realy notice his pot size bet Sad
I do the same thing sometimes when I play simulations.  Maybe you can set the software to give a warning (a bet size warning).

Against an unknown player, I usually assume I'm beat.  This is why H'E sucks so much, is so wicked, because good +EV hands don't come around all that often and then they're so fragile when they do.

On a dry flop like this, you're WAWB, so there isn't actually any reason to check raise.  Especially on the turn.  IMO, anyways.

 on: June 06, 2014, 07:28:20 am 
Started by Sense the Darkness - Last post by Sense the Darkness
"Jared Tendler, author of the Mental Game of Poker Vol. I & II goes over specific strategies to control Tilt while playing poker. "


 on: May 31, 2014, 01:26:10 am 
Started by MellowYellow - Last post by MellowYellow
Well my online playing ended December of 2012, and in that 17 months I haven't missed poker almost at all.  I was just so burned out and not fascinated by the game anymore.  Until yesterday, I had literally played 3 hands of poker in that entire time and was totally ok with it.

Yesterday I finally played an hour of live poker.  This is also unusual just because despite the insane hours and millions and millions of online hands I've played, I've only put in about 3 hours of live play in my entire life.  I went to the big tribal casino with a friend and she decided she wanted to play poker, so i complained and whined about it, but eventually joined her at what became a 6 handed game with me.  It was 1/3 NL and everyone had around $140 or so.  I actually had a lot of fun.  I figured I would be giving away a lot of tells because my lack of live experience and would be at a disadvantage, but I actually found that I was the one picking up on odd bets and weaker expressions or cautious looks from others.  One guy in particular my friend and I were both picking on a lot.  He was the only one that looked the part with the glasses and the Phil Ivey head phones on.  I kept finding places where I just had to keep calling BS on him, and even came over the top of him a few times with total air and never once was wrong and had to pay for it.  It was awesome too because the girl I brought was really the table bully.  She's a sexy hot looking asian chick (that's how I roll fellas) and right away a guy starts chatting it up with her (we sat on opposite sides of the table initially).  But she just kept stealing pots left and right.  I was the tightest at the table and practically never ran into her in any hands, but she was raising over peoples 1/2 pot bets for well over full pots, or just donk betting into people for about 1.5 Pot sized raises and just kept stealing pots like crazy. Neither one of us ever got busted bluffing and had to show, it was pretty crazy.  I got coolered early on for a stack, my KK allin first vs. AA and QQ (6 handed pretty nuts) but because of the table conditions I was able to get more than my stack back later and even hit a high hand for the hour (8's full of Kings) for $100.  

We finally got bored and the girl kept complaining there was no action because the guys were playing so weak and no pots would get built, so we left when the game got to 5 handed and after we left I said "You were bluffing your ass off weren't you" and she replies "I never get shit, dealer give so shit cards so I say fuck it I just gonna bluff every hand those guys all scared as shit to play, I'm so lucky".  

Nothing major, she won like $30 (she had a pretty unlucky heads up hand where she lost about $120) and I finished up $180, so got my stack back plus almost a 2nd (we were all buying in for 100) plus the high hand and a lot of tipping.  It was pretty decent considering how small most of the pots were, but yeah, I finally played some poker again and I at least some what remember how to play.  I might have to try it again some time, I'm curious how much I'll enjoy it after my next losing session, if I'll still feel refreshed and interested or if I'll start getting burned out and remember the frustration again.

 on: May 31, 2014, 01:03:44 am 
Started by possible793 - Last post by MellowYellow
Im not sure, I think I would probably check/fold the turn.  I think he has the king a lot here.  It's crazy to just cold call a 3bet in the middle with KT when the original bettor could raise or shove behind him, but I can't really think of what makes up his range here that can call a cbet that doesnt have a King or maybe some aces played odd trying to get tricky.  Sometimes he might have some goofy 87, 45 type hand or something, but that's pretty crazy and even then he has fair equity against you and we are crushed when he has the King, so I think I just check fold and make money off of this guy when he continues to cold call 3 bets with shit broadways like this.

 on: May 29, 2014, 03:14:40 am 
Started by possible793 - Last post by possible793
Hi, anyone still here ? Smile

Just got into serious playing again.
Here is a hand from today, whats your play ? thx

I was going for check/raise on turn. Didnt realy notice his pot size bet Sad.

Player9 is new to me, only 30hands played. with  stats 25/0.

When i put him on range here, i got this:

Board: King of Diamonds8 of Hearts4 of Clubs 7 of Clubs
       Equity     Win     Tie
MP2    47.61%  46.95%   0.66% { QhQc }
MP3    52.39%  51.73%   0.66% { 66+, 44, AKs, 98s, 87s, AKo, 98o, 87o }

***** Hand History for Game 1111111111 ***** (Cake Poker)
$20.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, May 29, 11:49:18 ET 2014
Table Lecce (6-Max) 17299 (Real Money)
Seat 9 is the button
Seat 1: Player1 ( $27.34 USD )
Seat 2: Player2 ( $18.42 USD )
Seat 3: Player3 ( $8.62 USD )
Seat 8: Hero ( $21.16 USD )
Seat 9: Player9 ( $17.97 USD )
Seat 10: Player10 ( $8.55 USD )
Player10 posts small blind [$0.10 USD].
Player1 posts big blind [$0.20 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Hero [  Qc Qh ]
Player2 folds
Player3 raises [$0.54 USD]
Hero raises [$1.68 USD]
Player9 calls [$1.68 USD]
Player10 folds
Player1 folds
Player3 folds
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4c, 8h, Kd ]
Hero bets [$2.80 USD]
Player9 calls [$2.80 USD]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 7c ]
Hero checks
Player9 bets [$9.80 USD]
Hero raises [$16.68 USD]
Player9 calls [$3.69 USD]
Hero wins $3.19 USD
Hero shows [Qc, Qh ]
Player9 shows [Ts, Kc ]
** Dealing River ** [ 4h ]
Player9 wins $34.95 USD from main pot

 on: April 25, 2014, 06:48:02 am 
Started by Herrasmies - Last post by Herrasmies

I’m a postdoctoral researcher working at Newcastle University (UK), and I study decision making in poker. My collaborators and I have previously published a number of articles on the topic of “tilting” in poker. My PhD thesis on this topic can be found at:


Our newest poker-related publication can be found at:


Currently, we’re studying betting behaviour in online poker. We’ve prepared and online survey and we’re hoping to get as many poker players as possible to fill it. Filling the survey takes 20-25 minutes. A prize of 4 x $50 Amazon.com gift-certificates will be drawn between participants.

The survey can be found at:


I’m more than happy to answer any questions!

Jussi Palomäki

p.s. This post was approved by a forum admin.

 on: March 28, 2014, 04:23:03 pm 
Started by Sense the Darkness - Last post by Coughy_boy
I don't understand the 50 (fiddy) in the pot.  Did the blinds get raked?

What is the purpose of the PF raise, i.e. would there be any hands that you would limp with?  Do you think that your opponent will fold hands that have appropriate equity?  Raising for information v. pot control?

Having chosen to play a somewhat vulnerable hand OOP, and having received a relatively passive response, and a relatively good flop, why not continue with what is probably still a vulnerable hand?

My only other thoughts about the 1st 2 streets is why not jam it a little more here, with this hand, to make him pay to draw, which is what normally occurs here?  Granted, your hand will not be well concealed, but does that hurt you much on these occasions?

On the turn, you're a serious dog against a made str8 (or an overset), but you've got everything else crushed.  I.e. complete polarization, and you can't fold, so call.  Again, you're turning your hand face up to some extent, but you can't fold.  And if you are the better player, you want to go to the next street, to play for a decent pot.

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